Queen Blain Bella

Miss Queen Blain
Beautiful and strong domina.
Tanned and exotic, young, Thin and fine women.
1.62 Height, 37-38 Shoes size (E) and 25 years old.
Queen Blain looks gentle and pleasant, that is the perfect deception.
Miss Blaine is full of evil and mental strength.
If you find fit to get under her royal feet you will feel the evil, strength, toughness and the power under her control.
The queen is a completely discreet space.
Queen Blaine sees BDSM as a hobby and way of life
and reserves the right to choose who to accept and who does not.

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Humiliation: Verbal humiliation, Dirty speech, Dog training, Penalties and awards, Foot Fetish, Adoration boots / shoes Reification, Spitting ashtray, prostitute, education, Face slaps, Pleas to mercy, Forsed, B. Financial ,extortion, Golden shower, Anal games and Touch yourself at the Queen's command.

Helplessness: Facesitting, Breathing games, Caged imprisonment, Modesty belt, Ties and Mouth barrier.

Pain&Punishment: Whips Crul, Education Kicks, Nipple torture, Ballbusting, Trembling, Deep Foot Gagging and Gagging.

Fantasy: A session simulates rape in the controlled , Food play, Tizing, Public.

Role-Playing Games: Slave whore, Lecturer and student, Human puppies. 

What does she likes:

Humiliation, talk dirty, a foot massage, step on the slave and fuck his throat with her royal foot, lecturer and student, trane human dogs barking and catching things, imprisoning them, Spit on them, slap their faces, flog them, spread them, receive worship, throwing and admiration. wax, extortion. The queen is also attracted to public and live broadcast online.

What will not be allowed:

Heavy bizarre , Roman bizarre, Electric, Medical, Wrestling, Try to coax sex,
and Lack of aesthetics.


Contact on instagram or whatsapp: +972503585690

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